The Cineroid EVF4RVW’s high resolution display provides excellent picture quality and colour reproduction for exact video monitoring. High resolution display includes an ambient light sensor that allows for automatic screen brightness adjustment for optimum viewing in environments ranging from darkness to sunlight.

The EVF4RVW has 3G-SDI/HDMI inout and 3G-SDI loop through output. It converts HDMI to 3G-SDI with automatic 480p to 480i conversion.

Open Optical Loupe

The optical loupe attached to the EVF body can be flipped open 180°.

Detachable Optical Loupe

The optical loupe attached to the EVF body can be detached completely.

Adjusting the Diopter / Connecting Extension Tube

When viewing through the optical loupe, the user can adjust the diopter accordingly. Rotate the dial in either direction until the image becomes clear. An Extension Tube is used to extend loupe length for old eyes.

Waveform / Vector Scope

Waveform and Vector Scope LCD Monitor from EVF4RVW is a single waveform monitor that provides multiple functions, such as image confirmation monitoring, waveform monitoring and vector scoping.


The EVf provides the peaking feature in both the Red and Sharpness mode. The Red mode displays in red and the Sharpness mode displays an outline in white.

Clip Guide

There are three clip guide modes, Colour, Zebra and both. Zebra range is selectable among 3%, 5%, 8% and 11%. Also, Zebra mark has two types, moving or fixed.

False Colour

False colour shows exposure rate with 6 kinds of colours. There are two kind of False colour.

Crop Guide

The portion of the screen is marked by darkend side bars on the LCD.


The screen size can be changed for anamorphic lenses.

Pixel to pixel

The centre area of the image is mapped to LCD pixel to pixel with native resolution.

Screen Flip

The image can be rotated or mirrored.


You can view the image on the LCD in Black and White by activating the monochrome feature. The colour mode is B/W, RGB.


HDMI Input 480p 59.94, 480i 59.94, 576p 50, 576i 50, 720p 50, 720p 59.94, 720p 60, 1080p 23.98, 1080p 24, 1080p 25, 1080PsF 29.97, 1080p 29.97, 1080PsF 30, 1080p 30, 1080i 50, 1080i 509.94, 1080p 59.94, 1080i 60, 1080p 60
HD-SDI Input/Output 480i 59.94, 576i 50, 720p 50, 720p 59.94, 720p 60, 1080PsF 23.98, 1080p 23.98, 1080PsF 24, 1080PsF 25, 1080p 25, 1080PsF 29.97, 1080p 29.97, 1080PsF 30, 1080p 30, 1080i 50, 1080p50, 1080i 59.94, 1080i 60, 1080p 60
LCD Size: 3.5 Inch, Res: 960×640, Colour: 16.7M, Display Area: 69.6(H) x 41.76(V)mm
Audio Out Phone Jack: 3.5 Analog Stereo, Internal Speaker: Mono Output
Power Multi Vendor battery Support, External DC 6.0-17 Volts
Operating Temp -10° to 70°
Storage Temp -20° to 70°
Power Consumption 3.2 W (2 hours with 2200 mA battery)
Weight 400g
Size 201x67x157mm




For further information regarding the Cineroid Viewfinder, please contact Ivor or Jess